Kangin Oppa!!!

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Kangin Oppa!!!

Post  13oppas on Sat Sep 20, 2008 3:56 am


1. He likes girls with pretty feet... the second toe shouldn't be bigger than the first, he doesnt like the toes to be curved in, and no viens visable on the feet.

2. He claims to be Korea's #1 handsome and crazy guy.

3. His nickname is Racoon.

4. He is in the famous couple 'KangTuek' of Super Junior.

5. He loves himself so much that sometimes when he wakes up he calls his mom to tell her how grateful he is that she made him so awsome....

6. He like to act like a thug.

7. He has had men like him in High School.

8. He is an only child.

9. He gets along with his parents really good.

10. He is the most outgoing in Super Junior.

11. He really likes to drink, especially Soju.

12. He really hates when strong people pick on the weaker people, hes really sweet ^_^!!!


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